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Surf and turf

Surf & Turf

42 combinations to choose from starts $26.99
Pick your favorite Surf, Turf and a side dish

#1. Pick Your Turf:

Chicken Tenderloin

Fresh chicken tenderloin, hand-breaded and deep fried until crisp and golden.

Sirloin 6 oz
Sirloin 6 oz

House hand-cut every day – this lean cut of steak will be a delight to any steak lovers.

Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs, 4 Bone

Seasoned in the House and slowly cooked to fall-of-the-bone tenderness, served with our signature BBQ sauce.

blackened fillet mignon tips
Fillet Mignon tips K-bob

Hand-cut Blackened Fillet Mignon tips, grilled to desired temperature

Grilled Chicken

Chicken Breast grilled perfectly in BBQ sauce for a flavorful meal.

#2. Pick Your Surf:

Cluster of Snow Crab Legs
Cluster of Snow Crab Legs

One cluster of juicy crab legs steamed to perfection and served with lemon melted butter and old Bay seasoning.

Lobster Tail
Lobster Tail

3-4 oz cold water Lobster Tail.


6 shrimp cooked the way you like: grilled, fried or sauteed.

Fried Catfish
Fried Cat Fish

Served with Tartar Sauce.

#3. Pick Your Side:

Side Dishes

Baked Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, French Fries, Rice Pilaf, Asparagus, Corn on the Cob, Mixed Veggies, Sweet Potatoes.